Cars and trucks

May 29, 2009

Cars and trucks of all sizes to be found in Rome. Scooters, the anathema of pedestrians, swirl about the city like flocks of starlings. When crossing the street, be bold, be sure, and do not hesitate. Or follow a little old lady; she will know when to make the leap.


Phil is checking out the finer points of this work truck. The sides fold down for large items, or fold up to keep all your junk from rolling off. Neat. I want one, too.


Phil and Frank flank what may be the smallest car we saw EVER. I think Frank’s feet would stick out the front.IMG_0040

Pat displays the runner up for smallest car. It certainly is very cute, and that counts for a lot.IMG_2197

This buggy has extra storage for your lunch.IMG_2300

Vintage award.IMG_2302

Double vintage points for this ride.IMG_2301

Tiny car, full sized stylin’.IMG_0054

Pretty small, right?


Nice truck, I love red trucks.


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